We are working the known issues in the games current version, and are aiming for patching what bugs we are able to correct through upcoming content updates. However, until we have them ready to go out, please refer to the following information to correct some issues yourself and bypass other issues for the time being.

Graphics Cards Issues
If you are receiving the error message of not finding a compatible graphics card, please make sure you have downloaded your most recent drivers for said graphics card. As well as updating tothe newest version of Direct X for your version of Windows.
Please also refer to this list of compatable cards.

Control Configuration Issues
Some users are reporting that they have blanked all their controls and are unable to set them again. We are aware of this problem. For the time being, you can reset Terraria's settings to default by deleting the config.dat file in the My Documents/My Games/Terraria folder.

XNA/.NET Installation Issues
Please try to install the files manually via their websites.

Make sure to install .NET 4 before installing XNA 4.
If that does not solve the issue, try uninstalling both of these and installing a clean copy of both.

Hosting Issues

Make sure your Firewall is off, or allows Terraria access to the network.
If you continue to have issues creating a server due to an inability to forward your ports, use Hamachi. This 3rd party software is a viable option to launch and connect to servers without having to port forward. We will be working towards a simpler automatic solution in the near future.

Please check out these player made forum threads that will assist in Hosting issues.

Game Crashes Immediately / Does Not Start
Please send the "Crashlog.txt" file located in your /My Documents/My Games/Terraria folder to support@terraria.org so we may troubleshoot the issue. Try launching again, and make sure you have set both steam and Terraria.exe to launch as adminstrator (Vista and Win 7).

Cant change to Fullscreen via Settings
Hitting Alt+Enter will toggle fullscreen and Windowed modes.

Game has reverted to an older version.
Right click Terraria in your Steam Games Library and select properties. Then in the new pop-up window, go to the "Local Files" Tab and select the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". This will make sure all of your game files are up to date and automatically replace any damaged files.

Having another Issue?

Please visit our support forum (Link Below) to see if any other users are having this same issue and if they have posted about solutions.